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A good place to start is, of course, SEO Training. Taking courses that align with your certification path will be instrumental in you building your foundational knowledge. Get your time with certified instructors, lab practicing, and learning from your peers.

SEO Training also offers the SEO learning Network with a wealth of online resources including:

  • Certification pages
  • Exam topics
  • Study materials
  • Study groups

Master the craft of the “pull” strategy of the digital marketing mix. SEO is an elementary part of digital marketing toolset resulting from individuals – your product seekers conducting trillions of searches per annum, typically with a high buying intent to seek out information about product and services. Search is usually the first supply of digital traffic for brands and enhances alternative selling channels. Learning to drive sales for your business or your stakeholders’ results through increased visibility and higher ranking in search results than your competition will have a crucial impact on your bottom line.

Learn the basics of behind the scenes of the modern internet, tune the pulse of keywords using best–in–class tools and make it all work in harmony under the guidance of our Expert Trainer.



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