Netkom Learning



About Netkom Learning

As an organization we have been in business for 15+ years now and hold experience of conducting extensive in-house trainings. We develop quarterly training calendars for all upcoming trainings, with the HR department being responsible for scheduling as planned. We have a team of in-house trainers and sometimes we also engage external professionals. Some of the areas we cover in our trainings: 

✔Project Management
✔Strategic Leadership
✔Information and cyber security related trainings
✔Employee health and safety
✔Quality trainings
✔Employee welfare trainings.

We also conduct Technical product trainings for our employees, since we are major service provider for telecom operators within Pakistan and ME region

✔RF planning and optimization
✔Fixed networks (Core, Datacom, Access)
✔Wireless networks (BSS, MW), etc.

Our newly launched Data analytics and trainings department is now focused towards external customers and our active presence in all major cities (07 business sites) within Pakistan along with active sites in Muscat, Oman Dubai, UAE and Berkshire, UK makes us an emerging major player in the professional training sector. We are currently pursuing partnerships with PMI, CompTIA, Huawei, AWS, PeopleCert and Microsoft. We are also in the process of establishing a Pearson-VUE testing site under our T.T.C (Train, Test, and Certify) model.  

Why Netkom?

Major service provider having 15 + years of service history with major market players, corporations, government institutes – 1500+ employees with footprint nationwide (Islamabad, Faisalabad, Lahore, Multan, Sukkher, Karachi, Quetta) and sub offices in ME (Dubai, Oman) and (Slough)UK.