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CompTIA Security+ Course Overview

Netkom Learning has made partnership with CompTIA and offering compTIA Security+, a new dynamic learning experience for beginners which is a universally recognized certification outlined to approve the professionals’ ability in fathoming security issues, counting their capacity to evaluate the security position of an organization. Join us our newly launched security+ course and learn how to secure organization systems. 

Key Learning Outcomes
  • You will be able to identify attacks, threats and vulnerabilities
  • You will be able to identify operations and incident response
  • You will be able to identify architecture and design
  • You will be able to identify governance, risk and compliance
  • You will be able to implementation in to practical scenario

CompTIA Security+ Course Key Features

Learn With Certified CompTIA Security+ Experts

Exclusive Learning Material

Direct Mentor Support

Industry Relevant Projects

Mock Interview

Hands On Lab Practice

  • Given a scenario, analyze indicators of compromise and determine the type of malware.
  • Given a scenario, analyze indicators of compromise and determine the type of malware.
  • Explain threat actor types and attributes.
  • Explain penetration testing concepts.
  • Explain vulnerability scanning concepts.
  • Explain the impact associated with types of vulnerabilities.
  • Install and configure network components
  • Given a scenario, troubleshoot common security issues.
  • Given a scenario, implement secure protocols.
  • Compare and contrast identity and access management concepts
  • Given a scenario, install and configure identity and access services.
  • Given a scenario, implement identity and access management controls.
  • Given a scenario, implement identity and access management controls.
  • Explain the importance of policies, plans and procedures related to organizational security
  • Summarize business impact analysis concepts.
  • Explain risk management processes and concepts.
  • Given a scenario, follow incident response procedures.
  • Summarize basic concepts of forensics.

    Explain disaster recovery and continuity of operation concepts.

    Compare and contrast various types of controls.

    Given a scenario, carry out data security and privacy practices.

  • Explain use cases and purpose for frameworks, best practices and secure configuration guides.
  • Given a scenario, implement secure network architecture concepts.
  • Given a scenario, implement secure systems design.
  • Explain the importance of secure staging deployment concepts.
  • Explain the security implications of embedded systems.
  • Summarize secure application development and deployment concepts
  • Summarize cloud and virtualization concepts.
  • Explain how resiliency and automation strategies reduce risk.
  • Explain the importance of physical security controls.
  • Compare and contrast basic concepts of cryptography.
  • Explain cryptography algorithms and their basic characteristics.
  • Given a scenario, install and configure wireless security settings.
  • Given a scenario, implement public key infrastructure.

Our Approach for ZOOM Interactive Classes

Weekend Live Zoom Classes Comprehensive Hands On Practice. Assignments Crafted by Industry Experts Real Time Industry Projects Demonstration Mentorship by Industry Thinkers World-Class Netkom Learning Training Certificationa


Our Top Industry Experts!

Waqar Fazal

Training: Networks (Huawei, CompTIA, & CISCO)

Waqr Fazal is a Dynamic professional with over 15 years of experience across function such as planning, designing, managing and operating large scale IP networks. He is also a Trainer with experience in delivering customized professional and expert level trainings of Cisco, Juniper and Huawei. He Possess excellent interpersonal, communication and analytical skills.

Training Options

Live Online Training

Rs/- 30,000 /Month
  • Hands-on, live instructor-led training in a virtual class environment by top instructors
  • Real-time remote access to class software & virtual lab environment
  • Seamless instructor-peer interaction in a virtual classroom setting
  • Flexible time-zones ensuring convenient scheduling from different global locations

Physical Training

Rs/- 30,000 /Month
  • Strategically designed sessions following a practical training approach in a collaborative learning & critical thinking atmosphere.
  • Offering an intensive and interactive learning experience followed by Q&A sessions, real-time examples.
  • Gain skills by practicing whatever you learned in hands-on labs under the instructor’s guidance

Facebook Private Group Training

Rs/- 500 /Month
  • Most specifically designed for students and unemployed persons
  • Full support by mentor with live comments
  • Flexible timings
  • Live and short sessions. Fully interactive learning process.
  • 5 sessions a week. Each session is 30-45 minutes.
  • Cancel subscription anytime.

Online Training

Rs/- 30,000 /Month
  • Customized training modules
  • Direct mentor support
  • Schedule a training with instructor on your own choice
  • Intensive and interactive learning experience followed real-time examples, Q/A sessions and doubt clearance opportunities.
  • Personalized direct support for preparation in exams.
  • High success ratio


Anyone can join this course. There is no pre requisite and eligibility.

Duration: 4 weeks (Saturdays & Sundays)
Timings: 11AM – 4PM

Since course aredriven by best industry specialists so it is made beyond any doubt that content secured in course is outlined with hand on viable of more than 90% together with supporting theory. 

Yes, you will be granted with a course completion certificate by Netkom Learning. We moreover definitely conduct an yearly conference for the appreciation and acknowledgment of our students.

Since our instructors are industry specialists so they do prepare the students approximately viable world additionally suggest  shinning understudies in industry for relevant positions.


Certification Training course incorporates different real-time, industry-based ventures, which is ables harpen your aptitudes as per current industry guidelines and get ready you for the long run career needs.